The Coming Age of Softwarization - Socio-economic Impact of SDN, NFV, Cloud as Drivers for Growth

08 Jun 2015
Antonio Manzalini
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There is a shift occurring in the character of Telecommunications and Internet Communications Industry. Software Defined Networks (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) are paradigms that are not just impacting telecom providers, technology vendors and other players of the related ecosystems. In fact, coupled with Cloud, Edge and Fog Computing, SDN and NFV are expressions of the "softwarization" trend, which is opening a new value-chain for a variety of industries, including government, pharmaceutical, and agriculture.
As innovation remains a driver for growth, it is important to advance research and development activities that bring "softwarization" to important and practical applications. This webinar will delve into the vital insights being made to accelerate innovation and economic growth for the entire Internet communications industry, and its related ecosystems.

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