OpenContrail Module 1: Contrail: Cloud Network Automation

14 Nov 2017
Aniket Daptari and Chaitanya Kadiyala, Juniper Networks
Video Length / Slide Count:
Time: 00:30:20
This IEEE Software Defined Networks' eLearning Module "Contrail: Cloud Network Automation" gives an overview of Contrail, a product of Juniper Networks, and is designed for network administrators, operators and developers. For example, network admins will learn how they can use Contrail, while developers can see how Contrail enables them to consume networks in an abstracted simple and orchestrated fashion. The module will start with looking at the trends and challenges that are prompting enterprises and service providers to implement Contrail; then, examine Contrail's major features and look at how they fit in with those industry trends and customer challenges.


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