ONOS Module 3: It's All About Control: ONOS SDN Controller

14 Nov 2017
Elena Olkhovskaya and Emerson Whatley, Strategic Virtualization, Inc.
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Time: 00:58:31
The IEEE Software Defined Networks' (SDN) eLearning Module 3 "It's All About Control: ONOS SDN Controller" builds on the previous two modules, "An Introduction to SDN: Part 1" and "An Introduction to SDN: Part 2", which covered SDN and SDN controllers, in general. Module 3 takes a close look at one particular Open Source Controller-- the Open Network Operating System (ONOS). This session demonstrates how ONOS fits into the SDN universe; what and how it controls and what problems it solves. In addition, it covers what ONOS brings to the SDN revolution.


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