ONOS Module 2: An Introduction to Software Defined Networking (SDN) Part 2

14 Nov 2017
Elena Olkhovskaya and Emerson Whatley, Strategic Virtualization, Inc.
Video Length / Slide Count:
Time: 01:08:23
The IEEE Software Defined Networks' eLearning Module 1 "An Introduction to Software Defined Networking (SDN)" covered traditional networking and its basic terms, and introduced SDN and its fundamental characteristics. In addition, the module provided an overview about OpenFlow and its role in SDN development and adoption. In this second module, participants dig deeper into SDN and related concepts. The Introduction to SDN Module 2 covers: A Review of "Things to Consider." This is to remind the audience of the context in which SDN exists in the network world; SDN Controllers-- An Introduction. Below the surface at the brains of the operation; More on Planes, APIs and Software, the S in SDN; More detail on Open Flow and basic aspects of "OF" functionality. This is a critical component of SDN and merits some deeper exploration during this module; A very brief discussion on miscellaneous "Open Stuff"; Some Common SDN Use Cases; And lastly, how SDN will change networking jobs.


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