Benefits and Challenges of Autonomous Vehicles

29 Nov 2021
Samina Husain, IEEE Senior Member, Broadcast Technology Society (BTS) Secretary, Member of the IEEE Future Directions (FDC) and Women in Engineering (WIE) Committees
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Driverless vehicles are not a new concept, and several autonomous vehicles have been designed, tested, and even used for different purposes. However, the implementation of such an enhanced technology cannot happen overnight.

Covid-19 has significantly increased the need and demand for autonomous vehicles, bringing to light concerns pertaining to policies, ethics, attainability, standards, etc. Autonomous Vehicles can change life as we know it, and there are several benefits gained from the implementation and use of this technology, however, there are also a lot of challenges.

This presentation provided an overview of the autonomous vehicle market demands, current players, vehicle statuses, and challenges. In addition, areas of public safety and product safety were discussed.