Knowledge-as-a-Service and the Cognitive Digital Twin

18 Nov 2020
Prof. Fabrizio Granelli, University of Trento, Italy
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Time: 01:02:44
This webinar will introduce the concept of Knowledge-as-a-Service (KaaS). Indeed, KaaS is a computing service that delivers knowledge to users, as opposed to data or information. KaaS enables technologists and engineers to make knowledge live and evolving on the web by allowing users to learn directly from elaborated knowledge, for example, in the form of knowledge graphs.

By merging KaaS with Artificial Intelligence, it is then possible to define the concept of a Cognitive Digital Twin. A complete cognitive digital twin will act similarly to AI that can make its own decisions, process thoughts, and execute actions, just like a real, functioning organism.

This webinar will describe potential scenarios for the utilization of the Cognitive Digital Twin and introduce current activities within IEEE in this area.