Digital Twins

10 Jun 2020
Roberto Saracco, IEEE Digital Reality co-chair and IEEE Future Directions Committee member
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Time: 00:58:08
Digital Twins are becoming the bridge, the orchestrators in between the cyber and the physical space and technologies like AR/VR/MR are at the same time the tools letting us enter the cyberspace and the manifestation of the cyberspace itself.

This webinar will start with an introduction to Digital Twins, how the concept has evolved in the last 15 years, and how they are now applied in manufacturing, their current market value, and the main players in this area.

Then, the talk will shift to the future, how Digital Twins are evolving right now, how they are becoming an important tool in areas as diverse as Healthcare, Finance, Education, etc. In this evolution, the Digital Reality Initiative is playing a significant role, and this webinar will address the current activities where all of you can be involved.