Augmented Machines and Augmented Humans Converging on Transhumanism

08 Apr 2019
Roberto Saracco, IEEE Digital Reality Co-Chair
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We have experienced a significant evolution in the capabilities of machines over the last 250 years with an incredible acceleration in the last 50 years, thanks to electronics and software. This evolution is going to continue and accelerate in the coming two decades leading to machines as "smart" as humans.

At the same time the human species has augmented its capability in various areas more than doubling life expectation over the last 100 years, and individuals have learned to leverage machines as never before to improve their life, their performances and extend their knowledge. This is also expected to progress in the coming two decades to the point that the boundary between humans and machines will become, in many instances, fuzzier and fuzzier, partly due to the growing use of digital twins. The progress seen in the last decades and the one expected is reshaping the idea of transhumanism, making it much more concrete.

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