IEEE Technology Time Machine 2016

Posted: 18 Sep 2018

IEEE Technology Time Machine
20-21 October 2016 | San Diego, California, USA


The IEEE Technology Time Machine (TTM) is IEEE’s flagship symposium on future technology directions. The overall theme of TTM 2016 was “Making the Future.” Building upon IEEE’s major technology initiatives, TTM 2016 brought together high level, renowned experts from research and industry to provide an overview of emerging technologies and explore how they may be leveraged towards “making the future” through their research, products and services.

Are you ready to set your eyes on the future and explore the reality of the impossible?

Event Video Showcase

Welcoming Remarks and Keynotes
Welcome Remarks - Doug Zuckerman
Opening Address - Karen Bartleson
Keynote - Alicia Abella

Women Making the Future Panel
Women Making the Future Panelist - Kathy Herring Hyashi
Women Making the Future Panelist - Meredith Perry
Women Making the Future Panelist - Chuck Walrad
Panel Q&A - Women Making the Future

Rebooting Computing Panel
Rebooting Computing Panel - Tom Conte
Rebooting Computing Panel - Robert Voigt
Rebooting Computing Panel - Stan Williams
Panel Q&A - Rebooting Computing

Internet of Things Panel
Internet of Things Panelist - Roberto Minerva
Internet of Things Panelist - Clint Andrews
Internet of Things Panelist - Antonio Skarmeta
Internet of Things Panelist - Jeffrey Voas
Internet of Things Panelist - Yen-Kuang Chen

Big Data Panel
Big Data Panelist - AJ Bubb
Big Data Panelist - Ritu Chadha
Big Data Panelist - Joe Weinman
Panel Q&A - Big Data: 2016

Day 1 Recap
Recap of Day 1 - Roberto Saracco

Cybersecurity Panel
Cybersecurity Expert Panel

Brain Panel
Brain Panel Introduction - Paul Sadja
Brain Panelist - Jack Gallant
Brain Panelist - James Kozloski
Brain Panelist - Jan Rabaey

Tech Super Stars Panel
Tech Super Stars Panel Introduction - Celia Desmond
Tech Super Stars Panelist - Karen Bartleson
Tech Super Stars Panelist - Marc Bracken
Tech Super Stars Panelist - Vincent Chan
Tech Super Stars Panelist - Stuart Elby
Tech Super Stars Panelist - John Graham
Tech Super Stars Panelist - Joe Herkert
Panel Q&A - Tech Super Stars

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